Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Untold Acts of Mind

Time is an object of the mind
as Time and pain influenced by a soul
can be cruel beyond reason
but as I am a heaven sent dove
locked away in the devil's cage
caught in the sweet smell of sin
the devil lured me in and captured
with the trickery and mind tricks
of power and greed
raised of Darkened foolishness
then God told me to fall back
into the arms of my angel
but I could not see
for I was in darkness too long
the light of purity and forgiveness
had blinded me but as
I realized I was the
savior of my mind and soul
the mind is the object that
only you can make the mold for


Monday, April 21, 2008

My Mistakes

My Mistakes

I have a hard time forgiving myself for some of the things I’ve done. Though some of the things that have happened I realize aren’t my fault, but some were. I feel like for a lot of my life I have been na├»ve and selfish. I know I can’t undo a lot of the stupid stuff I’ve done, all I can do I make it better, which I guess you could say I’ve been trying to do. Though before I didn’t try, or care, enough to make things better. After I left my residential treatment center I though I had gotten myself together, for the most part. But somewhere along the way I fell back into a few bad habits. Now I’m being put in foster care again, this time for a year until I turn 18. It sucks because I think I should have been given one more chance with my mom, though I understand where everyone else is coming from too. I have been given a lot of chances and for the most part screwed them all up. But I really wanted to do good this time and the only reason I had missed school all those days was because I was sick, I even had doctor’s notes to prove it. But yet I still get punished.
I have made a lot of strides yet every time I go to court they always focus on the negative. It’s never “Great job you’re not depressed any more” or “Congrats on being sober 2 and a half years”. Of course not, that would be insanity.