Monday, September 29, 2008

The Lead Ran Out

I'm locked up and don't have a key
I don't even remember who I used to be
I count the days on my wall
I try not to slip and try not to fall
What I've done wasn't worth it
but nobody on this planet is perfect
only if I could go back in time
I will change my mind and walk a straight line
The things I've done were not always good
because I was born and raised in the hood
I've finally figured out what I'm about
but before I could write it the lead ran out

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feel My Pain

I've struggled most of my life
It's been a struggle keepin my head up towards the sky
But no one sees what I see, no one understands me
at night I lie awake and begin 2 pray as the tears roll down my face
I pray for a day a day my sins can go away and pray to be let in on Judgement Day.
I pray for a better day, a day that is not filled with so much Hate.
I ask for a day I can escape all the misery and pain.
I ask you 2 feel my pain for I will be free someday.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Then and Now

I was happy but
now I'm sad
I had a room
but now I have a cell
I became weak

But soon I'll become stronger

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Rhyme

My thoughts are shifting
my body's drifting
as I sit, my soul
is lifting
As I drink, my thirst
is quenching,
I go to find my spirit
but yet it's missing

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Favorite Book

One of my favorite books that I ever read was A Long Way Gone; it's about a boy named Ishmael who was living a normal life until a war struck his town in Sierra Leone and how he loses his family and is forced into war, killing and robbing people. Then some people come pick him up and put him in a place similar to a group home or Juvenile Detention Center. He sees his enemy and they fight them and some other interesting stuff. This is my favorite because it is just how my life story is. I was born and raised in a neighborhood that was peaceful for young kids but when I grew up because I was from that neighborhood and they were all my friends I was forced into war (in street terms, beef) and since we didn't have a lot of money I was forced to steal and rob until I got caught by the police and put into a Juvenile Detention Center where I see people I beef with so I fight them.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Three Months

Well, it's only been about three months, and I'm back. Only three months. This is crazy. I shouldn't be coming in here like this. But, it's because of my situation on the outside. At home, everything isn't going well with me and my mother. It's really stressful to think about. To know that, if I don't get everything situated on the outside by the time I get released, it's an 85% chance that three or four months later, I'll be right back here in this Detention Center writing in this composition book. And, it's really stressful. Really stressful, then to add on top of that, some staff come to work, just ready to lock somebody in their room. I just hope I get this custody situation situated. That way I wouldn't have to see the inside of this place again. Because honestly, I'm ready to make a change. I'm ready to start getting on the right track, and get my grades back in order. Things like that. But hopefully everything goes okay.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Causes of Conflict

First and foremost, I don't think many people in the world today understand the true meaning of why we even come across conflicts through our life span, not saying I'm the world's smartest person, but at times I don't understand why so many conflicts come my way. Most of all conflicts in our lives are things we may put into our lives without even noticing or it could just be something unexpectedly meant to happen. Conflicts in our families could consist of the distance and bonding we may lack as an individual. I think the biggest conflicts in the world are people who think because they come from the hood that's the only lifestyle out there worth living, but in reality is it? Is it worth dying, killing, or even committing crimes that take away our freedom? Most of all I think war has the biggest conflict. I mean, what about the soldiers not coming home this year? And the dead bodies all over the place or the innocent children in Africa who don't got a roof over their heads, or food to eat. And another big conflict out there in the world is kids having kids. People don't realize these things because they aren't necessarily in that situation, truthfully myself included. Conflicts in my opinion are all about overcoming the impossible and making life-time changes. Conflict can be about irrelevant things people choose to argue over and go out here fighting and gang-banging. Conflicts are a life learning lesson that people should learn from instead of making the conflicts spread.