Thursday, September 4, 2008

Causes of Conflict

First and foremost, I don't think many people in the world today understand the true meaning of why we even come across conflicts through our life span, not saying I'm the world's smartest person, but at times I don't understand why so many conflicts come my way. Most of all conflicts in our lives are things we may put into our lives without even noticing or it could just be something unexpectedly meant to happen. Conflicts in our families could consist of the distance and bonding we may lack as an individual. I think the biggest conflicts in the world are people who think because they come from the hood that's the only lifestyle out there worth living, but in reality is it? Is it worth dying, killing, or even committing crimes that take away our freedom? Most of all I think war has the biggest conflict. I mean, what about the soldiers not coming home this year? And the dead bodies all over the place or the innocent children in Africa who don't got a roof over their heads, or food to eat. And another big conflict out there in the world is kids having kids. People don't realize these things because they aren't necessarily in that situation, truthfully myself included. Conflicts in my opinion are all about overcoming the impossible and making life-time changes. Conflict can be about irrelevant things people choose to argue over and go out here fighting and gang-banging. Conflicts are a life learning lesson that people should learn from instead of making the conflicts spread.

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