Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Teacher's Note: As part of our multidisciplinary enrichment week, the education staff and students at the Detention Home studied China and the Olympics. Here are some of our haikus!

my cheeseburger is
the best with hotsauce at lunch
better at dinner

months of detention
motivation was the key
I'm more determined

pollution is here
killing me all over the world
we need green indeed

lost in this big world
wishing I could spread the peace
I am just an ant

I got writer's block
can't think of a decent rhyme
I'll just chill, kill time

it's a new lifestyle
going home and won't be back
It's not like my home

Cowboys are the best
they're going all the way this year
we can not be stopped

I like Halo 3
I like the X-Box 360
I need a remote

head bobbin music
brand new flavor in my ear
my mind can't get enough

I really don't know
why I keep coming back here
I really must stop

Life is such a pain
it's like a really dark train
hope I find the light

girl girls girls girls girls
can't live with them or without
they can be stressful

I was getting straight A's and B's
then it went downhill

you have to play hard
you got to put in effort
just to win the gold

respect is something
that is critical to show
give it and go home

a brand new year means
a brand new tear for all my
friends who died last year

a new football year
which will have some obstacles
skins in superbowl

locked behind locked doors
the life of a criminal
saddening all our loved ones

life is hard at times
physically emotionally
scarred is what it leaves u

I want to go home
I have to be confident
this place is too strict

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