Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shouts as Loud as Broken Hearts

I am from shouts
as loud as broken hearts
all the way to nosebleed drips
from fights that I picked cause of poison I sipped
I am only from the Dark
I am from tears from loved ones' souls

I am from Black and Blue
that i can't see with eyes
swollen shut
and please remember I am
only from the Dark

The Darkness don't cloud my eyes
the mist of Day clouds the Darkness
and on April 30 I was never born
but on the 30th Mom's heart was torn
and as I ripped through the dark to the
the mature baby cried cause it was too bright
4 pounds 1 ounce
I was a gift from...
from nothing but the reaper
I was dead as soon as I was born
but I'm here or gone
and as I try and find someone to
confide in
it seems my own mind is the only thing I
can find and
your mind is a dangerous place to be locked
my body ain't in the real jail
my thoughts is
I ask for the key
no one wants to hear it
and it's not my fault I don't have
the time to have the time
and Mr. Defeat I can't see
you but I feel you in my pocket
get your hands out my pocket
I was born gone
I'm trapped let me out
I'm done

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Girlfriend

My girlfriend Heaven and I love each other. I think that's the only person in the world in my life who really cares about me. You would think I would say my mom or my father, but in my period of time my mom don't care nothing about me and my father has 15 to 45 years in jail and he been in jail ever since I was born, so let's just say I'm having problems right now. Like I was saying, Heaven and her mom care about me. They were the only people that ever helped me when I was homeless so that's why I love and cherish Heaven and my mother-in-law. I say this because I wanna marry her and take care of my step-daughter.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cell Walls

In NVJDH these walls are tall
in my mind these walls can fall
they can lock my body but can't lock my mind
like a diamond in the dirt, I'm still gonna shine
he thought he hurt me by giving me time
little do they know I'm still gonna rise
apart from being a soldier
includes late night cries
something I do to release this stress
is create these rhymes
I'm only one person
how much could I take
going to court thinking I'm going home
instead I get baked
In NVJDH these walls are tall
in my mind these walls can fall

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Dream

I was reading what she wrote today and it made me think in a way. Most of it is the same way people on the street look at me. But what really got me was when they told her, "I'm coming for you". So I was sittin there like it more people tryin to kill me or beat me then I can count on my hands. Am I scared to walk them streets? NO!! I just look for the dude tryin to bust his heat. I'm always saying I'm not going to end up like Tupac and Biddie but the way my life going, yeah, I run this city but I'ma be dead before 21. And I don't think I'll ever get to have my son, or have my family, my wife that I've never seen in my family. Yeah, that's my dream. I have people shooting at me cause I say, "Su woop gang, and if you ain't with it, then ya in the food chain." I've had friends get hit in the head just because he was at the wrong gas station in the wrong hood. Now all you see is people with a picture of him on their shirt on his birthday. People gettin RIP tattoos for him to show respect. I know you know how it is but can you feel my pain? My mans on the streets, I call him my brother. Damn why he had to do the murder? Now I look at him and he looks like he don't want to live anymore. I see his pain. I know his pain. He only 17 and about to do life. He got a baby girl, hope he knows she goin to be alright. Hope he knows I love him real "G". That's my brother. Is this my dream? NO! I wish we were all free. That's my dream. Amen!