Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shouts as Loud as Broken Hearts

I am from shouts
as loud as broken hearts
all the way to nosebleed drips
from fights that I picked cause of poison I sipped
I am only from the Dark
I am from tears from loved ones' souls

I am from Black and Blue
that i can't see with eyes
swollen shut
and please remember I am
only from the Dark

The Darkness don't cloud my eyes
the mist of Day clouds the Darkness
and on April 30 I was never born
but on the 30th Mom's heart was torn
and as I ripped through the dark to the
the mature baby cried cause it was too bright
4 pounds 1 ounce
I was a gift from...
from nothing but the reaper
I was dead as soon as I was born
but I'm here or gone
and as I try and find someone to
confide in
it seems my own mind is the only thing I
can find and
your mind is a dangerous place to be locked
my body ain't in the real jail
my thoughts is
I ask for the key
no one wants to hear it
and it's not my fault I don't have
the time to have the time
and Mr. Defeat I can't see
you but I feel you in my pocket
get your hands out my pocket
I was born gone
I'm trapped let me out
I'm done

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alex said...

Oh my god this stuff is so bad. But! Thank you Dr. Duckworth for posting something of mine. Funny I even stumbled across this.... it would be nice to hear from you..

My contact info

It'd be nice to hear from somebody from that daze... cheers