Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Rev-Up

[Young man], do you know if you don't abide by the court commands, we will detain you in NVJDH until your next court date?

Yes, Your Honor.

OK, court is appointed for Jan. 16, 2010.

We leave and I go home to my mother. She high off PCP but in the city we call it "da water". So I stay there for a couple of days and one day she trippin for no reason. I came in the house on time too. She talkin 'bout don't come in her room for 30 minutes, stay in the living room for 30 minutes and listen to the radio. Now she don't got cable in the living room so I'm like could I go outside for 30 minutes? She say yeah.

I leave and I'm thinking, if she don't want me there I don't have to be there. So I go over to my mans in Fairfax, VA house and he say I can spend a night. For the past three days, we was making 40 dollars a night stealing GPSes and I was buying clothes and food. One day I'm sitting at my man's house and the UPS delivery man came and he got a box and a board. He say, "Are you Mr. [Name]?"

I'm like, "Yeah." I lied.

"Sign your name here please."

I did. He say thank you. Me and my mans go to his house and look in the box.

Its like eight iPhones in there.

I know where to take 'em to get money for them. So me and my man go to the bus stop, catch the 25B to Van Dorn Station and catch the train to Pentagon City Mall. We get $1600 for all of them. $200 each. We split it fifty fifty. Man I got $800. I'm like I'm about to ball. I bought Armani Xchange outfits.

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