Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Rhyme for Anne Frank

This a little something on the Anne Frank's diary,
About the struggles she overcame an how she truly inspired me.
In 1942 Hitler occupied Holland,
An that dude was no joke, some compare him to Stalin.
No one knows why he did what he did an tried to blame the Jews,
Historians have been searching for years for answers but still no clue.
It all started in 42 Anne was just a lil girl,
But little did she know that lil 263 would turn into that lil girl’s world.
She transitioned from a normal little kid with a normal lil family,
To a bird in a coop that’s slowly swarming though insanity.

My Life As a Foster Child

My name is anon. and I’m a foster child. The life I live on a daily basis is not easy. I move from home to home if there is a problem. I have two other sisters that are in foster homes and we don’t live together. Everyday I ask myself, ”Why me?” On May 18, I got a phone call from my social worker, telling me to pack my things because I will be moving to Columbia, M.D. This is one of many things I hate that I have to go through as a foster child. When I got to the new home, I was very depressed and sad.I didn’t know anyone and I had to make new friends. Even though the people I lived with were nice, I just couldn’t cheer up. It has been almost a year now and I’m doing a little better with the environment, but there is still something missing from my life. I haven’t heard from my sisters, mom, or dad and I knew something wasn’t right. The weekend comes and I get a phone call from my social worker saying two of my uncles has passed away. That night I cried for a long time and didn’t eat for two days. That weekend I packed some clothes and ran away to D.C. where my family was located. While there, I‘d met the love of my life and we started hanging out all the time. It’s been three months since I ran away and I’m doing fine by myself; also I’m happy. About two days later, I got caught and put in a Detention Home and here I am today.

No Pretty White Fence

Growing up in Congress Park, I didn’t have no pretty white fence surrounding my house; all I had was the streets and also poles, sticks and bottles, such things of that nature, but I was never ashamed of where I lived because my household tried to make the best of it and we did. My life was crazy when I was growing up with such things like : fighting, arguing , and things of that nature. I mean there would be times I would think about what I can become on earth but my mind would slip away in my environment. I wasn’t no get wit but I just some how got adapted to what was always around me 24/7, not saying it was in my household but you know what I mean. I was that hype lil [edited] when I was real young. I always knew how to have fun even when times were boring. I first lived on 13TH and Congress Park in the southeast area in DC. When I say hard times I mean hard times. Around where I lived s**t happened. I seen plenty of [edited] get they [butt] whooped over something stupid. Plus I got with the programs most of the times. I can remember when me and my cousin was fighting; our aunt would tell us we family, we are not supposed to be fighting. We both took that to heart. All my people’s had the love for money so I grew up.


There's a certain thing that I used to do twice a day and maybe more in the jail facility I came from, [Withheld] County Jail, down in Memphis, TN, and that certain thing was fighting. But that doesn't mean that I like fighting. The reason I used to fight was because there it wasn't nothing like here in NVJDH. There is was a small hallway with six cells with bars, where people threw nasty stuff in our cell and we all used to come out to watch TV together and that's where the fights would start. Also, the reason I used to fight is because I have a very bad anger problem. If somebody messes with me or does something that gets on my nerves, I become mad easily and say things bad enough to start a fight.

Time Heals Nothing

If you knew me, you would know that being incarcerated is the worst thing that can happen to you. Each and every day that goes by is worse than the day before. Time heals nothing. I don't know how some of these guys get used to this. Even though you do everything the same way each day, it is something that I feel that is not meant for me. Just thinking that I'm here being babysat while she is out sleeping in her comfy bed, eating whatever she pleases, going to the movies, going to Stoves, hanging out with friends, enjoying life, while I'm in here, depressed and worried about my case.

Monday, June 22, 2009


One of my biggest regrets I made in life was when I joined a gang. Because of that I never liked school and have always been on the streets and they put me on probation. Representing a certain color or number is pointless, regardless of what the situation is. Different color, flag, same color skin. People putting others in body bags. I see dat as a dumb thing. My train of thought changed at a certain point. I became more mature and am leaving what I did and what happened in the past.

Important Dates

There are plenty of dates that are important to me, but the most important date for me would be on Sept. 7, 2009. On this day my girlfriend will be giving birth to my first child, a baby boy. I just hated that on Dec 31, 2008, I got locked up and ever since I have missed seeing her belly get big and what I hate the most is that I also will be missing her giving birth to him and most likely his first 3 to 4 months of his life. All this because of the wrong decision I made in the past. But I just wish that when I get back with them, I wouldn't have to spend no more time away from them.

My Freedom

When I was free, I always got into trouble for no reason. Charges like Assault and Battery, Possession, and evading the police. The worst crime I have ever been charged with is a level 2 felony, Intent to distribute. When I went to court the prosecutor had given me a plea that if I say “Guilty” then they would drop the charge to a level 3 misdemeanor “Possession of marijuana”.

So I plead guilty, without knowing any better at the time. My public defender had not talked to me before court and later told me it was an unwise decision to plea guilty because they had no evidence it was in my possession in the first place and that they had no probable cause and that they illegally searched me. They had no evidence because when the “jump out” unit “Jumped out” on me I had tossed my bag of marijuana on the ground.

I feel like it was an injustice because when they caught me they brutally assaulted me. I had gotten 2 blocks away from the officers quickly and over a fence then I turned a corner of an apartment building to continue on my get away when another officer was running toward me and punched me in the face. I think he had hit me as hard as he could and I was running full speed.

The injustice was not the fact that he had hit me the first time but then he continued to slam my head into the wet ground when I tried to get up. He even ripped my new jersey, straight down the middle. He didn’t even have a good reason to pick me up of the ground. I had stop resisting and had handcuffs on and he didn’t care how tight they were. I think my hands were turning purple; they were so tight they went numb.

So by then they found my weed, beat me down and ripped my brand new jersey. As if that was not enough they pressed charges on me and took me into the station for fingerprints without even reading me my rights.

Looking back on it now the only reason I think that I ran is because I had court two days later and I knew I was going to get locked up anyways.