Monday, June 22, 2009

My Freedom

When I was free, I always got into trouble for no reason. Charges like Assault and Battery, Possession, and evading the police. The worst crime I have ever been charged with is a level 2 felony, Intent to distribute. When I went to court the prosecutor had given me a plea that if I say “Guilty” then they would drop the charge to a level 3 misdemeanor “Possession of marijuana”.

So I plead guilty, without knowing any better at the time. My public defender had not talked to me before court and later told me it was an unwise decision to plea guilty because they had no evidence it was in my possession in the first place and that they had no probable cause and that they illegally searched me. They had no evidence because when the “jump out” unit “Jumped out” on me I had tossed my bag of marijuana on the ground.

I feel like it was an injustice because when they caught me they brutally assaulted me. I had gotten 2 blocks away from the officers quickly and over a fence then I turned a corner of an apartment building to continue on my get away when another officer was running toward me and punched me in the face. I think he had hit me as hard as he could and I was running full speed.

The injustice was not the fact that he had hit me the first time but then he continued to slam my head into the wet ground when I tried to get up. He even ripped my new jersey, straight down the middle. He didn’t even have a good reason to pick me up of the ground. I had stop resisting and had handcuffs on and he didn’t care how tight they were. I think my hands were turning purple; they were so tight they went numb.

So by then they found my weed, beat me down and ripped my brand new jersey. As if that was not enough they pressed charges on me and took me into the station for fingerprints without even reading me my rights.

Looking back on it now the only reason I think that I ran is because I had court two days later and I knew I was going to get locked up anyways.

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