Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Kids Join Gangs

I think the reason kids choose to join gangs is because they feel left out and not loved. So when a gang shows a kid that they'll always be there for them and shows some love, gives them some money, that makes them think bein a homie is the way to go. For example, that's the reason I got jumped into my gang because I never had a father or that love and money. And when you get into that gang life, it is addicting because you get used to all the things gang life has to offer. In my opinion, I think that there is nothing adults can do to prevent kids getting into gangs, because it's the kids choice, not theirs. Gang recruiting is the number one priority so the gang will do anything to get a kid in a gang and if adults try to stop recruiting, they might get hurt or killed.

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Anonymous said...

Why kids join gang is that they want a feeling of belonging . Kids who join gangs are the one that were picked on in eariler days , but then are the ones that turn out to be the bullys .