Thursday, June 25, 2009

No Pretty White Fence

Growing up in Congress Park, I didn’t have no pretty white fence surrounding my house; all I had was the streets and also poles, sticks and bottles, such things of that nature, but I was never ashamed of where I lived because my household tried to make the best of it and we did. My life was crazy when I was growing up with such things like : fighting, arguing , and things of that nature. I mean there would be times I would think about what I can become on earth but my mind would slip away in my environment. I wasn’t no get wit but I just some how got adapted to what was always around me 24/7, not saying it was in my household but you know what I mean. I was that hype lil [edited] when I was real young. I always knew how to have fun even when times were boring. I first lived on 13TH and Congress Park in the southeast area in DC. When I say hard times I mean hard times. Around where I lived s**t happened. I seen plenty of [edited] get they [butt] whooped over something stupid. Plus I got with the programs most of the times. I can remember when me and my cousin was fighting; our aunt would tell us we family, we are not supposed to be fighting. We both took that to heart. All my people’s had the love for money so I grew up.

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