Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Life As a Foster Child

My name is anon. and I’m a foster child. The life I live on a daily basis is not easy. I move from home to home if there is a problem. I have two other sisters that are in foster homes and we don’t live together. Everyday I ask myself, ”Why me?” On May 18, I got a phone call from my social worker, telling me to pack my things because I will be moving to Columbia, M.D. This is one of many things I hate that I have to go through as a foster child. When I got to the new home, I was very depressed and sad.I didn’t know anyone and I had to make new friends. Even though the people I lived with were nice, I just couldn’t cheer up. It has been almost a year now and I’m doing a little better with the environment, but there is still something missing from my life. I haven’t heard from my sisters, mom, or dad and I knew something wasn’t right. The weekend comes and I get a phone call from my social worker saying two of my uncles has passed away. That night I cried for a long time and didn’t eat for two days. That weekend I packed some clothes and ran away to D.C. where my family was located. While there, I‘d met the love of my life and we started hanging out all the time. It’s been three months since I ran away and I’m doing fine by myself; also I’m happy. About two days later, I got caught and put in a Detention Home and here I am today.


wwjd said...

Sometimes I feel hopeless and lost but I have not realized how much foster kids are affected and how grateful I am to have parent that love me.

Your life story has moved me in way I can not explain but thank you for share and touching my life.

Levia said...

This is a great story. As I read, it actually inspired me to write my own. I am also a foster child and it is so nice to hear from someone like you.

the end is the beginning said...

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Charliee Rayne Beheler said...

This is a really moving story. I am also a foster kid and it's good to know that there are other foster kids out there who feel the same way I do.