Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Dream

I was reading what she wrote today and it made me think in a way. Most of it is the same way people on the street look at me. But what really got me was when they told her, "I'm coming for you". So I was sittin there like it more people tryin to kill me or beat me then I can count on my hands. Am I scared to walk them streets? NO!! I just look for the dude tryin to bust his heat. I'm always saying I'm not going to end up like Tupac and Biddie but the way my life going, yeah, I run this city but I'ma be dead before 21. And I don't think I'll ever get to have my son, or have my family, my wife that I've never seen in my family. Yeah, that's my dream. I have people shooting at me cause I say, "Su woop gang, and if you ain't with it, then ya in the food chain." I've had friends get hit in the head just because he was at the wrong gas station in the wrong hood. Now all you see is people with a picture of him on their shirt on his birthday. People gettin RIP tattoos for him to show respect. I know you know how it is but can you feel my pain? My mans on the streets, I call him my brother. Damn why he had to do the murder? Now I look at him and he looks like he don't want to live anymore. I see his pain. I know his pain. He only 17 and about to do life. He got a baby girl, hope he knows she goin to be alright. Hope he knows I love him real "G". That's my brother. Is this my dream? NO! I wish we were all free. That's my dream. Amen!

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The Humbled Disciple said...

I honestly believe you're on the verge of getting out of this. There is such a great life waiting for you at your finger tips. Check this out,