Thursday, December 10, 2009

A City that Never Sleeps

I'm from a city that
never sleeps and where you
hear gunshots and someone
dies and all you hear is
a mother weep

Outside on the
corner where the crackheads b hanging out
shooting up dope and killing thereself slow
drug dealers walk around with bags of white powder
selling it to the crackheads and don't care if they
selling it to an old man

some people wonder why I wear nice-fit
expert clothes and diamonds around my neck and
wrist because where I'm from you that dude
when you dress like this but if you get
caught loafing you'll get shot from standing like

People get shot almost all the time but the
news crew don't come around when the hood
loses one of ours all I see is blue and red lights
the police jumping out on my mans because they heard
he had six bags

Where I'm from it's M.O.E money over everything
no more where it's every man for himself
a lot of people who you think your friend turn on you when you
come up and your mans gonna try to stick you up

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