Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tamed Pain

I'm from tamed pain
in the eyes of the beholder
I'm nothing
below all
but to me
I'm above all
I stand
I'm in pain
but never ashamed
I'm from ghetto love
where my love is taken
and not given
So I get higher than the ceiling
Higher than my feelings
I go on a killing spree
I'm from liquor & corner stores
where cluckers walk freely
I'm a thug bug
so stay away
for my hugs are kisses of hell
you can't rebel
I'm from pretty chicks
ten in the face
slim in the waist
with a .22 caliber in your face
I'm from where you kill & steal to get
a meal
where you have to be careful where you walk
cause you'll get [messed] up
I'm from the hood
a hood rat
yeah I'm that
proud & I'll say it loud
cause where I come from is Washington
where I strive to stay alive

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