Thursday, December 10, 2009


The most important person in my life is my mother cause she was always there whenever I need a shoulder to lean on. She was there when I was sick. She was there when I had problems. Ain't nothing like having a mother. I love my mother with all my heart! She is going to be that woman to always help me overcome my fears and all. A couple years ago my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It scared me cause she was someone that I just can't lose. She the backbone of our family. She holds it together. I'm just so glad stuff worked out with that. But for people that don't have their mother I'm sorry but for people who do, love your mother and give them all the respect cause you only got one. I'm serious. If only I could be with my mother right now I would be soo happy! I love my mother. I'd do anything to be home with her. That is the important person in my life.

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