Monday, September 15, 2008

Three Months

Well, it's only been about three months, and I'm back. Only three months. This is crazy. I shouldn't be coming in here like this. But, it's because of my situation on the outside. At home, everything isn't going well with me and my mother. It's really stressful to think about. To know that, if I don't get everything situated on the outside by the time I get released, it's an 85% chance that three or four months later, I'll be right back here in this Detention Center writing in this composition book. And, it's really stressful. Really stressful, then to add on top of that, some staff come to work, just ready to lock somebody in their room. I just hope I get this custody situation situated. That way I wouldn't have to see the inside of this place again. Because honestly, I'm ready to make a change. I'm ready to start getting on the right track, and get my grades back in order. Things like that. But hopefully everything goes okay.

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