Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Game of Pain

life is like a game
a game that causes pain
two people taken away from me
in a couple of months
now I wonder who's going
to be next within the next couple
of months
my head is spinning I can't
think straight
it feels like I've been put in
a straight jacket and taken away
I'm out of my dreams wishing I
could go back
now I'm in reality facing my biggest fear
so hostile and vicious
but so silent you wouldn't know it's here
it doesn't discriminate
it doesn't even care if you just turned eight
it's killing faster and faster
its name is cancer


Shashi said...

May be it is a game, but the game you play, you know the end, the game we play who knows when will end. May be after couple of decades, maybe next minute.

Davy Lie said...

reading this post I feel grief, there is no cure for cancer. May you be strengthened to deal with this my friend.

Jose moks said...

surely its a game, but its a bicth too.. because it takes away those who are very close to us.... but what can we do? just take heart, thats how it has to be anyway

a.rose said...

in a nutshell i know how you feel

j9m8h said...

Cancer is a bitch. And it seems like it always hits the best people.

Jonathan Sukanto said...