Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic

I am from Virginia but my parents are from the Dominican Republic. While I was locked up, my dad took my brother to the Dominican Republic and I was mad because I could have went. I hear in the Dominican Republic that kids under 18 are allowed to smoke and drink because the cops don't care. Say if a cop saw a 12 year old smoking, the cop would just walk up to him and say, "Le me have one." Also, say if you have chickens and pigs in your backyard, and you want to make chicken, you just go in the backyard, grab a chicken by its neck and snap it. Then they cut off the head. And my brother says that there are wild dogs walking around everywhere. And they are not like dogs here, where a dog would run up to you and lick you. Over there if you get too close to a dog it would run away. In Costa Rica it's sort of like the Dominican Republic. Houses over in Costa Rica are better looking and cheaper than houses over there. You can buy a big house with a lot of acres for about $65, 000. Also if you want to hire a carpenter, it's really cheap. All the material goes into the house. Say the house was $100,000. You just pay him like $10,000 for the work. I am also mad because while I was in here I was going to go to Florida to see my cousins with my aunt but I couldn't because I was sent here. I am also from a place where there are drugs, alcohol and fighting. There is fighting every so often but drugs is like an every day thing. One time there was a huge fight in my neighborhood. There were these two different gangs fighting, there were guns being shot, people getting stabbed, people getting hit with bats and people just really getting their [butts] beat. Most of the people were sent to the hospital and the others were arrested. When I saw this big fight, I was surprised because I had just come out of my house and I wanted to know how it started. I remember this because it was a pretty big fight and also whenever I start to write, I start to remember things that I forgot a long time ago and then I just start to write what I remembered.

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