Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Fresh Start

I go home in a couple of days. I'm off to a fresh start of life. I am turning 18 on Jan 30, the day I go home. I plan to get a job or maybe go off to college. Itz been a hard five years on probation; now I'm off when I get out. This was not meant for me to be in here. All cause what somebody say. I never thought I'd be falsely accused of something I did not do. It took 30 dayz of my life I can't get back. I miss my new year and everything. I guess things happen for a reason. I just maintain in here and hope not to see the Big House. My family misses me, my girl, and now they know I did not do anything. It sucks being in here. I'm a grown man now coming soon.

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