Friday, February 6, 2009

A Place I Call Home

Where I'm from is a place I call home. Where I'm from is where you become an adult at the age of eleven, where kids smoke and drink all day, and where at 13 most kids are facing murder charges. Where I'm from is a place that I wish to leave to become a better me ;where I'm from girls become pregnant at juvenile ages and kids give up on life while still in elementary. Where I'm from all the kids I know of have been to jail or to prison and mostly all the kids expect to go to a facility at an early age. Where I'm from no one takes any lip and everyone is shown respect and loyalty but where I'm from all kids wish to leave and become a better me and to leave the hell we live in. Where I'm from all kids wish they had the opportunity that most kids throw away. Where I'm from we all want to take our families to a better place, where everyone awakes to a brighter future and the district police don't bother us and no helicopters fly above.

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