Monday, March 9, 2009

At First

Man, at first I didn't want to listen to anyone, but now I see what everyone is talking about. Fighting, not going to school, 'n all that other bull**** is not where it's at and now I see that. I got 30 days but got to go to court 2 days before I get out and they might give fifteen to thirty more days. Well at least that's all I hope they give me. I got a baby that will be born in early May and I am not trying to be locked up for the birth of my first baby. When I get out I plan to get my [stuff] together and do what I got to do. First I plan to get all these programs done and then get a job, so I can have money to take care of my bills that I got with the courts. I miss my mom and all my girls in my world. I also miss all my goons. I know they thinking about me because all of them was mad when I told them what happened and I was getting locked up, but I hope for the best when I go to court and I love my family back at home.

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