Thursday, March 12, 2009

On Identity

My identity would be the total opposite of what the police have in their computers next to my name. I say this because some of the things I do always have a cause. Me, I don't identify my self as a danger to others or to be armed all the time. I don't even see myself as a gang member. When I see myself I think of a positive mind and a caring person but certain things make me mad but I would never show it because the people would try to take advantage and let me mad all the time. I also care about other people's thoughts and what they say. But if I ever do anything wrong it's because I always have a reason or a personal purpose for doing things. I also enjoy reading and being outside all day. I love the sunset too for some weird reason.

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Rebecca said...

the sunset is an amazing, intangible thing. you may like this poem (part of a longer poem, but best part, I think):

Whoever you are: some
Evening take a step out of
Your house, which you know
So well.
Enormous space is near.
~Rainer Maria Rilke