Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Last Spin Pt.2

Teacher's note: This is a wonderful continuation of Even Hunter's "The Last Spin". Students will enjoy reading this wonderful piece by CB. Students were assigned to continue the story were Hunter left off.

The Last Spin continued...

Still shocked from the blood gushing on the back walls all I could think was,
“Was it even worth it”?

Deep down I was still wondering what I could have done to persuade him to put the gun down but I didn’t want it to seem like I was the scared one.
About 10 minutes from my pondering on how much Danny and I had in common, José came down and said, “Come on Tigo lets go ESE la policiấ is outside”.
I went outside trying to keep up with Jose, thinking about what Danny and I had discussed. The sirens were blaring loud as they turned the corner. José and the other club members hopped fences and scattered in their opposite directions. When I reached home I smelt the warm papayas on the stove and the sound of my father beating my mother coming from the back room. I ran to the back room to pull him off my mother once again. Days were always like this at my house and it doesn’t really bother me. I wanted to rest because at 9:30 I had a club meeting to attend.
I went to my room and blasted the reggaeton loud to block out my crying sister and the arguing on the other side of the door. Then I got a phone call from my girl (Juana); she wanted me to come over. I hopped in the shower and got fresh for her with my green silk jacket with the orange stripes on it. I went to her house and we chilled for a little bit. Her mom don’t really like me that much because she know about my colors so we had to take our business else where. 9:30 came I gave her a kiss goodbye and headed to the spot. “Man I know I don’t want to be down for the mission tonight but… Man I don’t want to be in this club any more.” I promise my self that after tonight I’m out… I’m going to go to school and get job make my moms proud.”

“Aye Tigo!” I heard José say, pulling up in his black Crown Vick. “Get in we’re going for a ride.” The dudes in the front seat were sipping on some 40s and the other rolling a blunt in the back seat. About five minutes later we pulled up in front of the corner store down the block. José tossed me a black ski mask and told me to stick and move. We all started to get out the car until I said, “Aye homes let’s think about this.” Jose shoved me and said, “Tigo man stop acting like a B****.” So I went in thinking, “This is the last time”, repeating over and over. I pulled out the gun on the Asian man and said, “Open the register hurry up.” Next thing I know there were six black boys running in the store with the same color jacket Danny had on. Blasting my friends left to right! BOOM BAM! I try to get out the store but it was too hot so I decide to hide behind the aisle with the cereal. I turned around to feel a silver pistol in my temple….


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