Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm finally going home!!! =)

Today I’m super excited!!! I’m finally going home after a month and some change!!! I can’t even express how excited I am to be able to go outside, go back to my school, be able to talk to my friends, and see my family!!! The only thing that would make my day better would be if I could stay home for at least two days, to move my stuff from my old house into my granddads house, wash my clothes, wash my hair with my own shampoo and conditioner, not just some soapy stuff that dries out my hair and makes it fall out, wash my body with my own soap, not some cheap soap that dries out my skin, use my own lotion that soothes my skin and moisturizes it, and not some watery lotion that doesn’t do anything, use my own toothbrush, and toothpaste, that actually cleans, brightens and actually kills bacteria and makes your breath smell good, and not some nasty minty flavored paste that says toothpaste on the tube, and to actually be able to floss my teeth, and finally, be able to sleep in and finally, be able to sleep in my bed!!!!! I cant wait to be able to snuggle with all my teddy bears, and with my favorite pillow and blanket, and sleep with the new fluffy fuzzy tweety bird pajama pants my aunt bought me for Christmas, and be warm, and not have any lights on at all, just have it pitch black, not having to wake up to somebody kicking my mat to wake me up, but to the sound of the music of my alarm clock. I can’t wait to use my own brush, and use hair ties instead of rubber bands that pull out my hair and make it tangled and everything. I want to check my myspace, listen to slipknot, disturbed, F.O.B (fall out boy), I.C.P (insane clown posse), breaking Benjamin, three days grace, guns n’ roses, ac/dc, lynard skynard, All of my favorite bands, because I haven’t been able to listen to rock, or heavy metal, besides like one song, or when Ms. Chukwu lets us listen to music in her class. Over all, I just can’t wait to go home!!!!!!! This time, I’m going to keep my head up, and not listen to nobody except my authorities, my first instincts, and god. That way, I’m positive I can achieve everything I need to, to get off of probation and get my life going good again.

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