Friday, January 9, 2009

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time I used to skip school a lot and smoke a lot of marijuana. I did not obey my parents by not going to school and smoking weed and hanging with a group of trouble makers. So one day my uncle came by my house and was like, "Your mother don't know what to do with you so we're going to court and you going to move with me and my wife to Stafford till you turn eighteen." At the time I was sixteen.

So a couple of weeks later we went to court. They got outside and we went to my house, packed my bags and drove to Stafford.

The first couple of weeks were going good. I was staying right at my mother's house every weekend and would go back to my uncle's house on Sunday night. To make a long story short we moved to Spotsylvania; then I got kicked out of school. So we changed schools. Things were going good at first. But I didn't like the neighborhood we was living in cuz it was in the suburbs and the community was very boring to me. So around Thanksgiving break, last year, I was doing things my uncle did not allow, so he tried to get me locked up. So I moved back with my mother.

When I moved back out here I started hanging with the wrong people again and started skipping school. I got put on papers and 36 hours after I was on papers, I went out past my 11:00 to get a dutch and ended up robbing somebody and got locked up for the first time.

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