Friday, January 9, 2009

Lost in the System

Ever since I got in this hell hole about a week ago, I've been praying to get out. Mom thought I should stay in so I won't get in anymore trouble...I thought it was a straight idea so I prepared myself. This morning I woke up just knowing I was going to go to school tomorrow, at least that's what I prayed for. I'm not one of those youths who don't take advantage of the opportunities to go to school, I hate to miss it actually. And since I been in here I then already missed one week. Not good at all. So now I guess I'm going to get penalized for not going so I guess Ima have to deal with that. Plus I gotta wait until December 8th to go to court and I pray they let me out because I don't like being in here. Some of these people just love being locked up...not me. I'm better than that and when I get outta here Ima have to prove it. Just hope I don't get lost in the system.

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