Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Dark

It’s just a feeling I get… sometimes…
A feeling, sometimes
And I get frightened
Just like you… I get frightened too
Because the voices past with time
And the pitch black darkness engulfs me, swallows me in
Inside clutches of Fear and Pain
Expanding my pupils to adjust to the dark
But it’s just ever growing blackness
It just keeps getting darker
Pulling me down, pulling me in
The pit and creases of my brain
It crevasses in the murkiest corners of my mind
Lurking in the darkness with yellow glowing eyes
Glinting with insatiable hunger
With an icy cold whisper from the WindSends shivers down my spine
Because I have fear of the dark
Just a phobia that something’s always there
Watching, waiting, hunting, raging upon me
My heart beats like the loneliest metronome
Crawling with slimy, bony fingers up my throat
Choking, suffocating me.
It dissipates as I espied a gleam trodden to Earth
Moaning and howling in agony
It dissolves and intertwines with the voice of the Wind
Fragments, just little particles of what used to be
Not even there.
But as Night creeps up again, It will rebuild itself
To haunt me again.

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