Tuesday, January 6, 2009


If I had to start my life over
I wouldn't cause it would only cause more pain
I done been through some things
that regular people would call insane
but I ain't foolish
don't get me confused with some of those other dudes
Because I'm cruel
like no other
you will suffer
If I can't find you I will come find your mother
sister, brother, whatever
I can find to make you like me
but come find out it's only I like me
but come find out it's not a person it's a word
and all of the people that can handle it is in the dirt
it's only 1 life to live and I'm filled with it
sometimes it's mixed with pleasure that's why people
continue to deal with it
ready or not here I come with it
and when I hit you you probably not gonna be paying attention
I used the bathroom throw up but it won't come out of there
so I just say forget it and live in despair
what I'm talking bout I'm living with is just called pain
I done tried everything and I just want change

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